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Low Carb
It´s always good to keep up with the latest news about health. Just small changes in your diet can lead to big gains in healthy living!

Blood Pressure star
A key part of maintaining a healthy diet is keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level. Here are tips and information to help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

Caffeine star
Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, and many other substances. Know more about how caffeine affects your body.

Cancer / Disease Research star
Many studies have shown that a proper diet will help to prevent and mitigate problems with cancer and disease.

Children and Obesity star
It is important that we give children a healthy start on life. When children begin as obese, it causes health and emotional issues which can affect them into adulthood.

Cholesterol Articles star
Cholesterol comes in both good and bad forms. Be sure to learn as much as you can about this important health aspect!

Dental / Teeth star
Caring for your teeth, gums, and other aspects of your dental care is incredibly important for your long term health.

Diet Drugs star
Diet drugs can claim to help speed up your metabolism, to help you burn fats more efficiently. Make sure you always research and talk to your doctor before trying one.

Energy Sources star
The human body can use four different types of energy. These are fats, carbohydrates (sugars and starches), protein and alcohol. Learn more about how to balance these energy sources for optimal health.

Exercise Articles star
Exercise is critical in any healthy lifestyle. Here are articles on quick and easy exercise tips.

Fat Cells star
Just what are fat cells? How do they work? How do you shrink them?

FDA Approves Healthful Nuts Message star
The FDA has approved a message to go on nut packages that promotes the suggested - but not proven - heart benefits that nuts provide.

Fiber star
Fiber is a carb, but a carb that never counts against you. You should eat a good amount of fiber every day!

Foods To Avoid star
Stay up to date with the latest research on what foods can cause trouble for your weight loss efforts and for your health in general.

Gut Biome star
Healthy living depends on having a heathy, robust gut biome.

Industry Issues star
Many industries are affected by low carb diets - from bakers to orange juice makers.

Insulin and Inulin in Healthy Foods star
A visitor wrote me and asked why Entenmann foods have insulin in them. The answer is that they don't! They have INULIN - which is a healthy fiber found in healthy fruits and vegetables.

Low Carb Diets and Menstrual Flow star
Some women report having a change in their menstrual flow when they go on a low carb diet. What causes this?

Low Carb Newsletter star
Need to get your hands on new low carb recipes, product reviews or information? Sign up for the free low carb newsletter!

Low Carb Pet Food star
Laugh all you want! Health conscious consumers are starting to realize that pet food - especially for dogs and cats - has turned into nothing but sugar and grain. Is this normal for carnivores?

Mental Health and Alzheimer´s star
Low carb diets have been found to help with boosting memory and mental focus. Here´s a collection of articles to help you enhance your own mental sharpness.

Metabolism and Digestion star
Your body has to digest and metabolise its foods properly in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity and Health News star
Obesity has become a top concern for health officials. Here are news updates on problems caused by obesity.

Seafood / Shellfish Research star
We all know that seafood is very good for us. However, we also know that some seafood has mercury in it. Keep up with the latest good and bad news about seafood.

Sleep star
Learn how food affects the way you sleep - and how you can get a better night´s sleep!

Soy Research star
Soy is a bean. When the bean is drained of oil, you get soy sauce. When the bean is whipped into a curd, you get tofu. Soy can be healthy in small doses - but scientists are debating its dangers.

Vegetarians and Low Carb star
A key aspect of low carb is eating a ton of healthy vegetables and healthy fibers. This means that low carb can work quite nicely with a vegetarian diet.

Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants star
Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are critical to your body´s health. Here is more information about important vitamins and minerals to include in your diet.

Water and Hydration star
Water and hydration are critical to good health, no matter what diet you follow. Make sure that you drink ample water each day!

Weight Set Point star
What is a weight set point? How do you reset it?

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