Relationships - Strengthening Parent Child Bonds

Relationships - Strengthening Parent Child Bonds
Father's Day and Mother's Day are two days when you think more deeply about the relationships and bonds between parents and children. Fathers and mothers have a huge influence on their sons and daughters and, as discussed in this self development article, one of the most important things that children remember is the time their parents spent with them. Creating and developing strong bonds and relationships with sons and daughters set them up for life and is key to their self or personal development from early childhood.

Activities that can strengthen parent-child bonds

Sharing activities with children, whatever their age, helps to make them more self-reliant, self-confident, and more successful in whatever they decide to do in life. It does not actually matter what activity you do with your child. It is the time spent together that is crucial. Just being together can create and strengthen bonds that last a lifetime. Here are just some of the numerous activities that can consolidate and build on bonds between parents and children:

* Camping - many skills are learnt here, e.g., fishing, cooking, making fires, map-reading, identifying flora and fauna, and how to be independent.

* Card games and board games - teach them negotiation, diplomacy, communication, etc.

* Cinema and theatre - introduce them to the wider world of the Arts.

* Comic book or war games conventions - experiencing niche activities together creates even more opportunities to grow closer.

* Computer games - allow competitive streaks to emerge and develop.

* Cooking - can be as fun and as messy as you wish, as well as teaching your child an important life skill.

* Create something from nothing - like a birdhouse using sticks, or a sports car using cardboard boxes...shows them how to be creative with what they have.

* Cricket, football, soccer, etc. - watching or going together to a game together can be very bonding.

* Debating - let them choose a subject and discover what you each feel about the deeper issues in life.

* DIY - carpentry, cycle maintenance, and other Do-It-Yourself activities also teach them great skills for life.

* Eating together - whether at home or at a café, restaurant, etc., this is a great time to chat on a one-to-one basis.

* Gardening - shows them how to nurture other living things.

* Hobbies - building models (cars, planes, dolls houses, etc.) teaches focus, perseverance, and patience.

* Martial Arts - take a course together. Many beginner classes are open to all ages.

* Music - learn a new instrument together, or play duets on the instruments you already own.

* Photography - share your individual outlook on what you see around you.

* Play hide and seek or 'catch' - the simplest games cost nothing and can be the most bonding.

* Shopping - teaches them how the real world operates.

* Sports (indoor) - join a club together (bowling, badminton, swimming, say) or share games that cost nothing like arm- or thumb-wrestling!

* Sports (outdoor) - these are numerous, e.g., cycling, golf, rock climbing, rowing, or simply flying a kite together.

* TV programmes - just watching something together (but actively) allows you to discover what you each think about old and new issues.

* Volunteering - sharing activities in the community teaches children about the importance of giving back to society.

The effect of strengthening parent-child bonds

The time that parents spend developing strong bonds or relationships with their children teaches them how to:

* Be respectful
* Be self-reliant
* Be kind to others
* Deal with conflict
* Find their inner self
* Express what they want
* Become more confident
* Communicate effectively
* Handle difficult situations
* Build trusting relationships
* Develop a sense of responsibility
* Persevere to achieve what they want

Other assets of spending dedicated time with your children

Putting aside protected time to give a child your undivided attention will always be remembered by them. Spending dedicated time with them teaches them life lessons and all sorts of skills that they can put to use in later life.

Besides passing on your skills and knowledge, spending time with your children is great for your own self development, and is a wonderful way to find out more about yourself. Showing a child what you are passionate about in life makes you realise what you are about as well.

This protected time also gives them the chance to talk about anything that is on their mind, especially if they feel that you are truly listening. A child does not want an adult to judge them or to tell them exactly how to fix a problem. More often than not they just want someone to hear them out.

Being involved wholeheartedly in their life, being truly interested in what is important to them and in what they feel about things, is a great way to build and strengthen bonds between parents and children.

Relationships - Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds - Self Development Summary

The relationship nurtured between a parent and child is of great importance. There are numerous activities parents can share with children that teach them valuable lessons for life. Perhaps the greatest gift a parent can give a child is time - time to just be with them and time to show them life skills that will make their life as successful as they wish.

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